We the Robots Issue 1


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  • Version: 1.0
  • Last Updated: 2008-12-11
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  • Publisher: UCLICK LLC
We the Robots takes place in a world just like ours...only with ROBOTS! LAUGH at their feeble attempts to negotiate a complex society without benefit of free will or self-knowledge! CRY as they make important decisions based purely on pre-programmed fear and suspicion! FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE as you watch them endure a never-ending flood of tedium, miscommunication, and despair that would drive any conscious entity to madness! We The Robots: A Tragic-Comic Alloy by Chris Harding!

In this installment: Bob has Seasonal Affective Disorder! The cable goes out! Mikey gets beat up! And EVEN MORE!

• Intuitive Design & Controls
• Screens and panels tailored for the iPhone
• Easy-to-Use “Tap” and “Swipe” Navigation

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Creator: Chris Harding
Characters: Bob, Jane, Mikey, Stevo

Tags: comic book comics web comic webcomic robot robots comedy tragedy work office humor science fiction sci fi
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