NWS Radio for iPad


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View the live station listing online at http://api.evanmulawski.com/wxlisting.

An iPhone/iPod Touch version is also available.

Receive hourly weather, real-time weather alerts, and weather radio streams directly from the National Weather Service with NWS Radio for iPad. With an ever-expanding list of radio streams, this all-in-one application provides you with the safety you need when disaster strikes. And, when a new stream becomes available, the stream listing will automatically update on the next refresh.

- Current weather.
- List of available radio streams determined by your location.
- Access the entire radio stream listing.
- Automatically downloads the current station listing directly from our website.
- Read weather alerts directly from the National Weather Service.
- Switch between English and Metric units.

Note: Not all radio streams are available at any given time. NWS Radio for iPad will display available local stations as well as the entire listing.

Note: This application relies on the device's Location Services to obtain location information. If Location Services does not work properly on your device, NWS Radio for iPad will not be able to receive radio streams or weather alerts. To test Location Services, open Maps and tap the Locate Me button. If your location appears on the map, you will be able to use this application.
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