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Hello Eddy! Healing Power of Swirls and Whirls

Does watching water swirl and whirl make you happy?
The water movement can be breathtaking and calming at the same time.
One imagines what powers such movement. One imagines being part of the playful movement.

Have fun watching the whirlpool generated by the older models of Japanese washing machines.
Spin, reverse direction and spin again. Make it go faster or allow it to slow down.
It is sure to revitalize your spirit and energy level.
"Hello Eddy!" creates swirls and whirls on your iPhone/iPod touch. Stroke in circles to power the swirl.
Use faster strokes to accelerate. Reverse directions any time. Let go and slow down to a stop.
iPhone/iPod touch turns into Eddy!

You can listen to the old time sounds of a Japanese washing machine.
We hope you nourish your heart and mind with this virtual whirlpool.

In this free version, it is possible to turn only for ten seconds.
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